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Tutorial: X-Sheet

When we make an animation frame by picture can create a x-sheet to say what hard time each picture.
Synfig Uses x-sheet of Mold these originally are thought for sincro-labial but serve for both things the planillas are very simple.

FPS 25
0 j01
3 j02

These planillas are archives of text and save with the name finished in “lst” (example: trenzas.lst)
To generate the planilla automatically can use quinema-lst

cd 4232/scene_5/taking_2/trenzas

And generates x-sheet braids.lst This the taking automatically when generating the project with quinema-synfig.
If the animation does not remain very plantillada can use any editor of text to correct the planilla.

Previous sight

quinema-video trenzas.lst

And creates a video where can see as it remains the animation.

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