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Tutorial: Render

Once made the animation, or to see as it remains it is necessary to do a render. convert the animation in a video.
In my case prefer to do the render of synfig from the terminal:

synfig -i "animacion.sif" -Or w.png

The best is to convert the animation in a sequence of PNG, But to see it can use a video MKV is very good format and of high quality without stray.

ffmpeg -And -i "w.%04d.png" -r 25 animacion.mkv

To publish it in the web maybe want a format a bit less heavy “”, can use webm.

ffmpeg -And -i "w.%04d.png" -r 25 -b 2M -vcodec libvpx -acodec libvorbis -ab 160K -f webm animacion.webm

In some takings use effects that do not exist in synfig or that the results that obtain are not those that wished, so it invent own effects that processes with quinema-render

For this it is necessary to generate a script with the name of the layer and quinema-render took this script to generate the corresponding effect.
We can use quinema-render -e animacion.sif to generate the effects of example. And quinema-render animacion.sif To do the render.

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