Color para celdas

Tutorial: Paint cell

Scalar with Quinema

quinema-Scalar -s s -p 160,1 original.png Scale-4.png

For the series of drawings use quinema-scalar being that the 150 dpi are not sufficient for a video in high resolution at the same time this improves the linea and takes out the background noise and increase the size.

To paint the series use gimp with gmic this program paint drawings without the need that close and complete the empty spaces.

quinema-Shadow -p 1,1 j01.png sj01.png

If the drawing has shadow add it to him with quinema-shadow always to the shadows appoint them like the sequence but a “s” to the start (ej: sj01.png)

Adapting to Gimp for animation

Use always white and absolute black in gimp this palette choose presionando the “D” and with “X” changes exchange .

In the tools it is necessary to remove the softened in the tools.

The linea want that it was black without out of focus, for this have to take out the tildes of soft outline

Painted with G’MIC

The painted in long series of animations is used to to be slow to accelerate this process can use gimp-gmic.

Painted with gimp-gmic [colorize interactive] in which they can paint if the need to have areas totally enclosed.

Colorize Saves in the memory the position of the points allowing us paint it of way more rapido.

Once pitando can replace by the colours of the correct palette

To save all the changes at the same time use my version of gimp-save-all that it can export png in series.


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