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Tutorial: Animatic

If have all the layout or storyboard can do an animatic, digitalizar the drawings and put it in an editor of video to generate a very limited animation of the movement.
The animatic is very good to add sounds, music and if we can voices. In this way we can see where save in animation.

A typical error that can solve with an animatic is to encourage too much or do a sincro-labial, whereas we aim the camera to another side the have a conversation works without the sincro-labial.

As we are poor can take advantage of and work less using the animatic like draft of the animation and go replacing the new takings by the old of the animatic, so the animatic can generate of the more prolix and orderly way possible, of way to complete the work faltante.

For this i use blender mounting the layout on the linea of time and for the simple animations use synfig

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