Timelast 2020-02-18

Timelast 2020-02-18

Painting the poster of the scene 4 and accommodating the trains for a perspective more tridimencial

Timelapse 2017-10-27

https://archive.org/download/pixicast_2017-10-27/pixicast_2017-10-27.webm Original music Share

Timelapse 2017-10-25

https://archive.org/download/pixicast_2017-10-25/pixicast_2017-10-25_.webm Original music Share

Timelapse 2017-10-05

https://archive.org/download/pixicast_2017-10-05/pixicast_2017-10-05.webm Making mainly the taking 2 scene 7 that it is a vector treaded of the […]