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XIV Latin American Meeting of Design

(Castellano) La animación es un arte muy complejo que entremezcla diversas disciplinas y es fundamental conocer profundamente las herramientas de trabajo.


Gnu volador (Example in Natron)

https://archive.org/download/ernesto_bazzano_yahoo_Gnu/gnu.webm One of my experiments of animation with SVG using Natron and Inkscape was added like […]

Quinema Render

Quinema Render

Many of the effects of noise, distortion, degrade of Synfig take a lot in generating , […]

Timelapse 2017-10-25

https://archive.org/download/pixicast_2017-10-25/pixicast_2017-10-25_.webm Original music

Timelapse 2017-10-05

https://archive.org/download/pixicast_2017-10-05/pixicast_2017-10-05.webm Making mainly the taking 2 scene 7 that it is a vector treaded of the […]

Araña de la escena 10

This spider this animated using cut a technician in which they move different layers of drawing […]