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Styling a portrait with ebsynth

Ebsynth mimics many of the characteristics of a complex neural network but without the complications of seizure noise, or long wait times. But instead the program depends on guides to work correctly.

In my case I have synthesized the masks to a minimum and I can use only 2 created with inkscape and gimp, for example:



picture, segmentation and simple gapp

paint, segmentation and simple gapp

Once the masks are in, you can mix the styles of the images:

ebsynth -style micara.png -patchsize 5 -uniformity 3500 -guide gapp-micara.png gapp-bosco.png -weight 1 -guide seg-micara.png seg-bosco.png -weight 200 -output resultado.png



For best results, the Gapp can be composed of the black and white mask: the face in grayscale.


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