Quinema Render

Quinema Render

Many of the effects of noise, distortion, degrade of Synfig take a lot in generating , at the same time do not are used to to be very good for the pixels. So it arm a version of Quinema that generate render by layers and to these can him add effects to will mixing programs like imagemagick, gmic, gegl, inkscape and many more.

This does by means of small script placed in the main folder of the project with the names of the corresponding layers more “.sh” And these execute for each fotograma.


It goes in in the terminal to a folder with a project Synfig, to generate an example:
quinema-render -e
generated archives .sh By each layer and by the general project.

Generate render of the effects:
quinema-render animation.sif

quinema-render -f animacion.sif
Yes wish to modify the effects can only vuelver to process the drawings with the new effects.

Now we will have a scene with desenfoque in each layer

Examples of effects

Shine of the girl:
B="$(echo "scale=1;6*c(6/24*$2)" | bc -l | sed 's/-//g')"
gmic $1 -fx_lightglow $B,0.89,3,0.68,0,0 -o $3

The $1 taking always the fotograma to process, the $2 is the number of picture, $3 is the exit with this type of program can use any processors of images that work with commandos.

Do of the city:
convert $1 -channel RGBA -motion-blur 20x400+200+10 -spread 30 -radial-blur 5 $3

Look for more effects

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