4232 an animated short film exclusively using free software

My name is Ernesto Bazzano (Bazza), I am a plastic artist. I made an animation short film called 4232. To make this animation short I used, at all stages, Software Libre on GNU/Linux. In other words, I do it entirely with software that was not built by large companies, but by communities of programmers concerned about their freedom.


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The animation work begins with the planning of the short film that is made with a storyboard, small drawings of each scene.
After making these drawings that turn into layout, drafts of the scenes, in these drawings the animation, movement of the characters and backgrounds are determined.

On these drafts the rest of the drawings are made about 100 to 1000 per scene. The short film has 11 scenes and more than 100 takes.


The drawings are digitized and painted on a computer, made entirely with free software; that is, software freely available for the use, modification, and sharing of it freely.
At the same time creating my own programs when I require it.

The short is a cartoon made by hand, the animation technique with which it is performed is one of the oldest, but it is still in force and is one of the most popular in these times and edited by computer, each background that used is a watercolor painting.



Once the drawings are painted, they are edited in an editing program, audios of the voices are added with the synchro-labials, movements of the phonemes, when these are needed.

It must be taken into account that for these to look good on the screen, they need to be digitized with the best quality and processed, retouched and edited in a manner consistent with this processing quality, to give an example of the complexity of the size with in which they are processed could cover the surface of a wall in a room.


Sound is generated with synthesizers or using sound libraries and mixed in general editing. Post-production effects such as flashing lights, noise, and undrawn shadows are added.

Finally the full video can be generated. The format in which it is intended is similar to cinema resolution, based on current high-quality specifications.
My goal is to increase the quality to 4K and make 3D versions.

Animation is a very complex activity designed to be carried out by many people, in large studios with a high budget. I am making applications to streamline and facilitate these processes. In this way, an animator or cartoonist, with enough desire but with a low budget, can make his dream animation.

Synopsis of 4232

4232 is a story about a post-apocalyptic future. In a metropolis isolated by a big dome, the aristocracy has converted poor people into robots, undressing them of all humanity.
They are the robot-workers used for explotation of the last resources in the earth, wich is turning into a big barren desert.
Some people have escaped of this metropolis to shelter in small constructions out of the dome, surrounded by desert and pollution.
One day, the inhabitants of one of these shelters, find a robot in the desert, the number 4232. Unlike the other robots, 4232 preserves his consciousness and relates to them how he has escaped of the metropolis. So the people of the desert start to wonder why 4232 is diferent and see him like a hope for their own robotizated friends and families to recover the consciousness.

More information in 4232.cf