4232 an animated short film developed using only software libre

My name is Ernesto Bazzano (Bazza) and I’m an Argentinian artist. I’m making a short animated film called “4232”, using libre software with GNU/linux. That is software made and supported by communities of programmers and developers who care about freedom.

Among other software, I use:

  • GIMP, to clean the scanned images, coloring, image processing.
  • Synfig, to mount the animation frame by frame.
  • My own programs; Like the drawings of 4232 are hand made, I develop programs that allow to Synfig to incorporate real drawings. Like this, in addition to making my short film of animation, I generate programs that can help to others artits in their work..

The animation is a very complex activity thought to be made by a lot of people, in big studies and with big budget. I’m making applications, to speed up and make easier the whole animation processes. This way, it’s easier for an artist full of wills but with low budget, make his dreamed animation .

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Synopsis of the 4232

4232 is a story about a post-apocalyptic future. In a metropolis isolated by a big dome, the aristocracy has converted poor people into robots, undressing them of all humanity.
They are the robot-workers used for explotation of the last resources in the earth, wich is turning into a big barren desert.
Some people have escaped of this metropolis to shelter in small constructions out of the dome, surrounded by desert and pollution.
One day, the inhabitants of one of these shelters, find a robot in the desert, the number 4232. Unlike the other robots, 4232 preserves his consciousness and relates to them how he has escaped of the metropolis. So the people of the desert start to wonder why 4232 is diferent and see him like a hope for their own robotizated friends and families to recover the consciousness.

More details in //4232.cf