4232 an animated short film exclusively using Software Libre


Those excluded from a society see their last hope for freedom in a robot.


In a metropolis covered by a great dome, the homeless are turned into robots to exploit the last resources of a barren land turned into a great desert. The few who manage to flee take refuge in small towns outside the dome. In one of these cities, the inhabitants are at 4232, a “robotized” who still retains his consciousness and sees it as the possibility of recovering his family and friends.

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Artistic Concept

A cyberpunk sci-fi story of monumental images: wide angles, dive and counter dive. He experiments with a lean narrative, short dialogue, and shortened shots, delivering the minimum message to the viewer in a rarely crude and direct way. The composition, movement and dynamism that extend to their free wanderings like a painting in which the images have their composition or through it.

Video Clip

Teaser Trailer del 4232

Teaser Trailer – 77s

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Mode of realization

4232 was made entirely with Software Libre, which unlike most computer programs, these can be modified and participate in its creation.

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Ernesto Bazzano

From a very young age, I liked to make drawings, animations with stacks of paper or super 8 or I made inventions, especially robots made with scrap pieces and I used my computer a Z81 that was more or less my age, in which I tried to make some video games with very few bits and knowledge. In high school I studied at the Manuel Belgrano National School of Fine Arts and when I described that the IDAC existed, I signed up to study Animated Film Direction.


As a plastic artist I have to actively participate in technological construction; They mix my animations, paintings and drawings using programs, programming and machines in which I can directly participate in their operation and creation by participating in their development and construction.


Who are you as director?

As a director I like to participate in the whole realization of the short film from the script, animation and create tools (software) for the development of the short film.

What’s 4232?

It is a cyberpunk science fiction animation, made with traditional animation techniques and cut with hand painted watercolor funds.

What’s the message?

It’s a gloomy vision of the future that awaits us if we don’t defend our freedom.

Voice actors

  • Scientist Mauricio Pasquier
  • Explorer Rodrigo Tropeano
  • Kid in the Tribune León Socolovsky
  • Grill Daniela Gomez
  • 4232 Tom
  • Girl Violeta Bazzano
  • Mom Daniela Gomez
  • Woman in black Ailen Luna
  • Assistant Ornella De Monte
  • Oldmen Pedro Palladino
  • Woman in pink Violeta Bazzano
  • Robot servant espeak


Poster 4232