Tutorial: Organise of project

I use a directory for the short-film (ej: 4232/), a folder for each scene (ej: scene_1/) and inside her one for each taking (ej: it takes_1/).
Inside the folder of the taking save the bottoms (bg1.png) And for each sequence of drawings create a folder, if there is bottom that superimpose to the animations call them “ol.png” (Like overlay).
If we organise the folders in this way quinema-synfig goes to create a draft for the taking.

NOTE: not using names with space, put in his place “_” is a good idea.


For this need a program of edition of animation in my case use synfig, use it by that it is free, or was, that allows me use it, study it and modify it.
From this as I could study it did some programs that call [quinema-synfig] that help me to work with him.

cd 4232/scene_1/taking_1/
quinema-synfig > and1t1.sif

By defect quinema-synfig creates project of 1080 of format 16:9


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