Migrating to Arch

As a month ago I bought a new computer in part to continue improving the 4232, the notebook with which I work all the time I stay litle, but lately with the mint updates I really did not hold a simple desktop (like LXDE) already required as 1gb video memory. And not to mention all the software I had to compile by hand or have AppImage because in the repositories there were very old versions.

So I decided on my new computer to put arches to have the latest stable versions of programs like Gimp, Blender, Opentoonz, Storyboarder, etc.
with the help of a guide that passed me scan, a friend, I managed to install arch first on an emulator and then on my new PC.

Continuing to hear LXDE with picom for shadows, gvfs to mount disks and networkmanager as a network controller, with this we already have the basics to have a computer that handles files and connects to the Network.

pcmanfm (including in lxde) + gvfs can mount discs by ssh and so that the internal network (the network of my home) has beautiful names instead of ips use avahi. so now I can copy the files from my projects to the new PC.

So that LXDE looks cute I put on the theme Adwaita-dark that has medium gray so as not to interfere with what I am drawing.

It’s time to install the programs that I always use, but several of them didn’t go as they dripped me, so I joined my own repository of arch in AUR, among which I have my own gimp with small tools because 10,000 (a 1-metre brush) seemed too much to me. Storyboarder and Kumoworks, a beautiful program of ghibli studies to make skies, and I’ll go adding those that I miss as Quinema.

Gimp litle brush

Well for whoever wants to try arch here goes my guide that I will try to keep up with.

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