Image pixelars to vectors with multiple colors

A few days ago I was asked to make a large version of logo’s big vectors to print for example for t-shirts or tags. The original logo was made in GIMP and passed it to vectors ensures that it has a usable version in any size.

For this I used a technique that I learned when doing quinema-escalar, but this one returns it as pixels, so I had to recheck the code to realize that it was much better to export everything in SVG vectors!

So, by the way, I thought if I import my pixel drawings in Blender using “SVG to Pencil Grease” the problem is that I had problems with SVG cuts, that is when in an SVG it makes a form inside another the vector is created by generating a path that subtracts to another path.

To fix this I tied it with wires, most of the time that this happens with my drawings in because line overlapping the shapes, so if I order the layers by weight, each color remains above the one that flaps and the drawings look good usually:

So if you want to import a pixelar on “Grease Pencil” I’ll leave the program: quinema-img2svg

Note: Works for any image in pixels with few colors and allows to convert it to SVG

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