Final Report

I am already assembling the renders to upload the web and synchronizing the subtitles. The last thing I put together with the 4232 was an ink effect for scene 2 that became somewhat problematic and triggered that I will use Blender and then OpenToonz to retouch many scenes the original version in synfig became impossible to manipulate on my computer, I don’t have too much RAM and the scene has a lot of pixel images. So the final effect I assembled directly with G’MIC and Ebsynth in the terminal.

Another scene that I retouched in this final process was the presentation, although I did not stay completely as I improved a lot, with effects in OpenToonz:

With bones in OpenToonz Scene 11 had some changes and he redid others in Opentoonz:

The final mixing of the sound was made entirely in Audacity with the exported audios from Blender’s video editor, because blender does not have sound effects, it only controls levels and tone.

In a few days I will upload the audios without dialogues for translations into other languages.

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