4232 Deepmatching

Experiment with animation

Making the 4232 I realized that I wasted a lot of time doing things that could automate and put together some programs for them in quinemas but I think they can create even more tools that give good results and very plastic.
Now that I have an alpha version of the short film, I’m going to try to create or improve some of the tools for this week, so I don’t use them in the alpha version. They are the inspiration for hours of repetitive work that could automate.

Here some experiments


4232 Deepmatching

Identify similar sectors of a drawing


From this idea generate of automatic way the rest of the drawings to generate an animation.
Except the first and Last the rest is automatic. In the version alpha of the 4232 can see my drawings made manually.

This does not work very well if the drawings have superposition. To the left the automatic result. To the right my drawings made in gimp.


Identify layer with gmic. Image of gone in reference type (label) of layer and result. Of this way each layer can encourage each layer separately.

Color automático

Painted of drawing using references. The first drawing is a reference with transparent bottom already painted, the Second drawing a drawing of black line and the Third drawing what the computer attains to generate. The green bottom is by that recognizes the area of transparency.

Pintado de dibujo usando referencias

Similar process to the previous with cleaned automatic


In this video show to the right the animation by cut made with synfig such as it sees in the version alpha of the 4232 and in the left side attempt from semi-automatic processes estilizarla so that it seem a handmade complete animation.

Estilizacion Of the Grandstand

From a series of processes using the layers of synfig and ebsynth attain a more plastic result.

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