I am creating an animated short-film made 100% with free software

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My name is Ernesto Bazzano (Bazza) and I’m an Argentinian artist. I’m making a short animated film called “4232”, using  Software Libre with GNU/linux. That is software made and supported by communities of programmers and developers who care about freedom.

4232 is a sci-fi animation short film, for its realization draw thousands of drawings, now it is in the editing phase this is an arduous work in which the lack of resources and time make a big difference. For example, in many scenes, it takes more than 24 hours to see the final result, with better equipment (computers, graphics tablets) this time can improve considerably.

With your help all this can be easier and the 4232 can be possible


$180 of $7500 per month
I can dedicate my full time to making short-film in 4K

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Sitio web para el 4232

Thanks to the inventoria by the accommodation and maintenance of the website of the project of […]