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Credit of subtitles

Sound FX

“TV.wav” by ljudman link, “Jet_Whoosh.WAV” by Benboncan link, “suitcase_click_open_sqeeeek.wav” by sqeeeek link, “J3434kiekko, maali / Ice hockey in the 1970s in the ice-stadium, goal, audience shouting loud, siren” by YleArkisto link, “ah!.wav”, “deep sigh and exhale.wav” by Reitanna link, “Football stadium fans sing after a near miss” by avakas link, “Gravel/Sand Walking 3” by Cornwallis89 link, “Door, Wooden, Close, A (H1), .wav” by InspectorJ link, “dropping_pans_sean.wav” by seanf link, “PasosSuaves.wav” by Trancox link, “Breath Human Sci.wav” by cidchili link

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