Tiempo en pantalla (melt)

A way to visualise the time and frames of the animation melt 4232.mkv -attach dynamictext:#timecode# bgcolour=0x000000DD […]

Vectorizado multicolor

To edit animations sometimes is very slow to use archives of big resolution and many times […]



Uniendo fondos

quinema-hugin-completiva bg-1.png bg-2.png bg-out quinema-hugin-completiva bg-out.tif bg-3.png bg

Tutorial de wav2list


Tutorial Synfig + Quinema

https://archive.org/download/tutoria_quinema_synfig_2016-06-08/tutorial-quinema-synfig.ogv Tutorial In which I use quinema to arm the composition of a taking of the […]


Tools for Animation quinema-escalar: It increases the image’s resolution. quinema-sombra: It adds shadows to drawings in […]