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Quinema Render

Tutorial: Render

Once made the animation, or to see as it remains it is necessary to do a […]

Acción Directa: MediaLab P2P Acción Directa is a medialab P2P (peer to peer) that allows to create projects in […]

Audio en Blender

Tutorial: Edition of videos

For the general edition of the videos use Blender VSE, it is unfamiliar, but blender has one of the best video editors with free software.

Sonido del 4232

Grabación de voces

Record voices is complicated, it is necessary to isolate the room of the noise acclimatise and […]

Planilla | X-Sheet

Tutorial: X-Sheet

When we make an animation frame by picture can create a x-sheet to say what hard […]

Composicion en Natron

Test Natron – Post effects

I was testing Natron to add effects of the once exported animations each layer. Share

Color para celdas

Tutorial: Paint cell

Scalar with Quinema quinema-Scalar -s s -p 160,1 original.png Scale-4.png For the series of drawings use […]

Tutorial: Scan

Sorry, this entry is only available in European Spanish. Share

fondos background

Tutorial: Background

We do not have to forget us to use layout like reference to design the bottom, […]

Tutorial: Animation

The animation has several steps and thousands of ways to do . I go to pose […]

Gmic autocolor

Gmic colorizer Grey

For one of the bottoms that have painted manually with Chinese ink add him colour using […]

Escena 11 toma 12

Tutorial: Animatic

If have all the layout or storyboard can do an animatic, digitalizar the drawings and put […]