My faces

Styling a portrait with ebsynth

(Castellano) Ebsynth imita muchas de las características de una red neuronal compleja pero sin las complicaciones del ruido de la convulsión, ni los largos tiempos de espera.

Presentation in UP

XIV Latin American Meeting of Design

(Castellano) La animación es un arte muy complejo que entremezcla diversas disciplinas y es fundamental conocer profundamente las herramientas de trabajo.

Morph with G’MIC Share

Quinema Render

Tutorial: Render

Once made the animation, or to see as it remains it is necessary to do a […]

Acción Directa: MediaLab P2P Acción Directa is a medialab P2P (peer to peer) that allows to create projects in […]

Tutorial: Use peertube

View in peertube PeerTube isn’t a single video hosting platform with a single group of rules: […]


Gnu volador (Example in Natron) One of my experiments of animation with SVG using Natron and Inkscape was added like […]

Sonido del 4232

Grabación de voces

Record voices is complicated, it is necessary to isolate the room of the noise acclimatise and […]

Planilla | X-Sheet

Tutorial: X-Sheet

When we make an animation frame by picture can create a x-sheet to say what hard […]

Composicion en Natron

Test Natron – Post effects

I was testing Natron to add effects of the once exported animations each layer. Share

Color para celdas

Tutorial: Paint cell

Scalar with Quinema quinema-Scalar -s s -p 160,1 original.png Scale-4.png For the series of drawings use […]

Tutorial: Scan

Sorry, this entry is only available in European Spanish. Share

fondos background

Tutorial: Background

We do not have to forget us to use layout like reference to design the bottom, […]