Escena 1 toma 1

4232 – version alpha 1

On science fiction day release a version of the nearly finished short some details are listed below the player I hope in the months I have the final version.

Timelapse 2019-01-24 Share

Report: End of year

I have planned to finish the short film in a few months, it’s not that I’m […]

Escena 11 toma 12

Progress Scene 11 Take 12 Different moments of the progress of the scene, from the outline with bottom of reference, […]

Liberapay is in trouble

Our payment processor (Mangopay) is throwing us out. Liberapay won’t shut down, but the service will […] e11 t6

Scene 11 take 6 (video) Although some details are missing, I’m publishing this short take of 4232. Share