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Software Libre for Animations Libres – Flisol

  • The short I did about GNU/Linux with softwarelibre
  • This started with paper drawings
  • The animation was hand-made in paper
  • Xsane is better than others (150dpi)
  • Quinemas to improve scanned drawings
  • G’MIC for coloring (gmic colorize)
  • Hugin: saves time
  • Synfig: About demanding the program and not stable
  • Audacity: The only problem is that you have no way to watch the video
  • In 4232 I used papagayo-ng but now I prefer rhubarb
  • Blender only used it for video editing and for generating some assemblies
  • As Synfig was short, I had to remake or retouch OpenToonz, but plugins don’t compile
  • Motors and no more interfaces!!!
  • And animation programs are made in production
  • EbSynth University of Prague, customers: major software and film industry companies, both animation and film industry.
  • EbSynth is a free render under public domain license, but has a marinade patent inside (this is used in superhero movies)

    • Mask
    • Flow
  • The same team made colorize mask of krita and n-point of gimp (unstable total)
  • Dlib + mascara or machine discriminating and fluidity
  • Quinemas (non-specific neuronal use networks)
  • La Capi, series of 4 chapters 15 minutes, transmit by preproduction
  • Kit Scenarist / Kurt Vonnegutt

Download PDF (Castilian Latino America)

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