Report: End of year

I have planned to finish the short film in a few months, it’s not that I’m in a hurry, but the work is stressful and I do not want to extend it much longer.
It took me quite a while to have to move in and getting into the new house was not so easy, plus you always have to make arrangements or accommodate things. I still did not soundly isolate my new room and the noise from the street is unbearable, this delayed me with the sound. It is already quite complicated because blender does not have support for audio effects and it becomes very tedious to have to use another program to generate the effects and have to reload them and rearrange them again in blender .

Regarding the edition and animation already have a few new take and any advanced a lot of.

Scene 11 Taking 5 almost finished

Progress of the Scene 11 taking 12

Have restart some drawings that do not finish like the ones of the scenes 6, a trek of the scientist and the robot, and in the scene 11 the guffaw of the old and sincro-labial the cual come delaying.

Outline Scene 11 taking 11

For the effect of sound was testing ARSS are not too many good the results but is a program that likes me by that takes the sound like an image and goes back it to turn into sound. It liked me the idea to simplify the voice of Tom the one who does the voice of the 4232 using this technician, but the experiments did not result very good. That it remembers me a lot to the films of Norman McLaren in which it painted on the film directly the sound.

Other experiments that was making were to add automatic pictures to scenes with animation limited and the results were quite good

Example of automatic assistance with some errors

The result is not perfect but results very practise by that the computer can sssistance drawings already painted saving me long, roughly takes 20 minutes by picture whereas I would take hours by that I have to draw them, scan and afterwards paint.
At the same time with this attained something that wanted to do does years automatic assistance of animation using free software.

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