Amsynth sound generator

Generates sounds with a synthesizer has some advantages for example, creates very particular sounds or makes small variations of it so that it does not always sound the same, changing the timbre, or the sea, the nature of the sound.

For example for one of the takings of the 4232 need a piece with sand, could look for some similar sound in freesound, but preferred to create my own step to create him variations giving audible grace to the stepped, changing them mildly in each step.

For this can change characteristics of the sound or interpret another musical note. In the keyboard this well take in account the interpretation of colours of Scriabin that proposed colours for the notes

Can change between notes of similar colour to generate sounds no so different between himself but with audible differences.

If you wish to change your keyboard by this version:

sudo aptitude install vkeybd
sudo cp vkeybd.tcl /usr/share/vkeybd/

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