Mesa de luz con nena de escena 2

Build and use the register of animation

Where alive achieve a pegbar of professional “animation” is impossible, the pegbar go out expensive and the punches are very expensive, for example my computer the one who use to write east articulate, goes out the same that a punch.

So I use the pegbar of animation done with a punch of desk the typical that use for the leaves of folder.
These are used to build with remaches but are something rasposos and are used to to break the leaves so I print it with a printer 3D with a design that arm for the pegbar.


Recortar acetatos


Perforo los acetatos con la perforadora.

Uno los remaches plásticos al acetato

Podemos pegar el registro a la mesa de luz

Listo para usar con la mesa de luz

Si queremos escanear en un escáner, podemos usar el registro transparente para esto.

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