Subtitulos en Suomea / Finlandes

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I want to give thank you very much to Violeta for translating the subtitle of the […]

Quinema Render

Quinema Render

Many of the effects of noise, distortion, degrade of Synfig take a lot in generating , […]

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Quiero dar muchas gracias a Stas Kholodilin, Konstantin Dmitriev del Proyecto Morevna por traducir los subtítulos […]

Amsynth sound generator

Generates sounds with a synthesizer has some advantages for example, creates very particular sounds or makes […]

Amsynth synth sound

Now to do the breath of the explorer with his suit to walk by the desert. […]

Using papagayo

To do the synchronization of the lips with the animation can use papagayo a free software […]