Tutorial: Background

We do not have to forget us to use layout like reference to design the bottom, […]

Tutorial: Animation

The animation has several steps and thousands of ways to do . I go to pose […]

Gmic colorizer Grey

For one of the bottoms that have painted manually with Chinese ink add him colour using […]

Tutorial: Animatic

If have all the layout or storyboard can do an animatic, digitalizar the drawings and put […]


El layout es en si la planificación de la animación, en el tiene que verse los […]

Quinema: Tools for Animation

Quinema Tools for Animation quinema-escalar: It increases the image’s resolution. quinema-sombra: It adds shadows to drawings […]

Pixicast 2018-02-23

Order the sound: layers differentiated for voices and sounds Modify Blender so that it was more […]

Report of progress

Sometimes that they are missing so little and at the same time so much it is […]