4232.cf greasemonkey monero


Producing an animation is something that takes a lot of time and is a lot of effort and more difficult if I don’t count on the appropriate team, you can help me by generating Moneros for the project, which can pay a new computer to improve this and produce new projects.

① Download mining Monero xmrig

② Let it run as long as you can, the more hours and days in the week the better

xmrig -o pool.minexmr.com:4444 -u 4B6tztScnWQFaKYRGiQn7fekku3rajPHFJAR7KKoL3CEh8xLxj1XjsQQnMvDUecNkkavhWeqspT9V4yEVVf8K2YkBsyb5pe --rig-id=nick

③ Where it says nickname you can add a nickname to identify your work and see it in the Dashboard

➃ If you wish, you can email me with your data and the nick gives you the thanks in the project credits.