Tutorial: Animation

The animation has several steps and thousands of ways to do . I go to pose two of them those that use for the 4232.


The table of animation

In my case the table of animation is only a table of calque, but this can have an area that rotate, this results very practise to the moment of Tread

Register of animation

So that all the leaves are ranged to do the animation have to use a pegbar in my case use one hogareño that works with any punch of 2 perforaciones.
In my case taenia a done with two remaches that just hinder in the perforaciones of the leaves, now arm me others with a printer 3D. Both models of pegbar are very cheap.


Animation to drawn

This makes in base to the layout, a good layout would have to give us the “tips” of animation. A tip is the start and final of the animation, an animation is a punctual movement. For each punctual movement there is a half, this “half “” is not literally the half if no a drawing that denotes the intensión. Once that have the drawings: “tip, half, tip”, can schedule what drawings needs in the half of them. These drawings can calculate with the following form.

Superimposed in the table of animation can see that drawings are missing us and do a rule this results very practises. The rule writes in the final tip.

The drawings 1 and 8 are tips, the 4 is a half. The rest of the drawings goes out of the superposición of drawings of mechanical “way” but made manually.

Is worthwhile to clear that in a same taking can have a lot of animations and that each final tip can be the initial tip of another animation and that although we use digital animation these rules keep on being cost.

Intercalar, is to do the drawings faltantes in the animation these has to be fact of mechanical way, using like references the drawings that already have, rotandolos on the table of animation and treaded in half of each linea.

Animation by cut

To schedule well a cut have to know that it goes to move and draw this separate part of the rest. Have too many pieces sometimes can be very engorroso so better schedule it the less possible in advance.

To tread each part separately can use the table of animation and tread them of the layout, complete the things that do not see .

To encourage these pieces in the computer do not have to forget the concepts of tip and means. That are used to to be the greater problem when doing a digital animation that finishes seeing as “washed” or having movements very flowed without intensión.

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