A more comfortable space

I moved in a long time ago and the house has a board that I notice that I arm it someone with more desire than knowledge, it was very high full of woods everywhere and the posture that I acquired to hear it daily produced me a lot of back pain and numbness of an arm.
Especially because lately I dedicate myself to writing scripts for the new series that I’m planning “la capi, captain interstellar”

So it was time to fix it a little!, put it down to a comfortable height for the chair I could buy, the cheapest “gamers”.
To the table take away the phenolic that covered it and lynched it until the wood is visible.

Plus add an almost professional light table that I design with inkscape, tour like the professionals and have the log comfortably attached.

The ones that print it are a neighborhood workshop, but it doesn’t have white material so I put it in two transparent pieces and hear the old reflector of a LED television that I found pulled, a semi-translucent and reflective material on the other side.
For lights a LED strip connected to a 12v source.

So ready to draw comfortably 😀

Design Animation table

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