Generating sounds with amsynth

Generates sounds with a synthesizer has some advantages for example, creates very particular sounds or makes small variations of it so that it does not always sound the same, changing the timbre, or the sea, the nature of the sound.

Amsynth: Synth sound

Now to do the breath of the explorer with his suit to walk by the desert. I am using: amsynth + vkeybd + aconnectgui

Play sounds recorded with audacity

When one does big days of recording the track of audio of audacity can mix a bit. So sometimes it is preferable use a play of commandline to listen all the recorded and select the recording that more likes us. play –channels 1 –rate 48000 *.au This worked me perfectly with sounds of 48KHz recorded […]

First recording of voices

The past Sunday record the first voices for the 4232. In the photo sees to Ailen recording the voice for the woman of black.

Joystick, wminput, OSC and MIDI I (music with joystick)

I am testing an interface to do the music/sound of the 4232 the idea is to use an alternative interface, the keyboard and the mouse or pad did not result me very practical. My idea is to use this like interface to control the modulation of the sounds with the accelerometer of a wiimote and the […]

Thanks Laura for Anti-Pop

To record voices and that do not listen the “Pop!” The separates the lips or the involuntary breath of the speech, is necessary to put an anti-pop in front of the microphone. Laura Romero printed me one with his printer 3D thank you! Project to download Anti-Pop

Recording studio of audio

To record the voices of the 4232 purchased a microphone of cardiode condensed (ATR2500-USB) that works very well in GNU/Linux. It takes it like a plate of sound USB. Afterwards it arm him a box of reduction of echos with some irons of audible insulator that taenia and a box of cardboard, this reduces the […]