SoundFX with Petri-foo

A lot of sounds that need for the short the meeting in another tone or needs changes, a good method to edit them is “sampler”, or was, turn them into an instrument and touch with them. Petri-foo is a very good program to do this.

Play sounds recorded with audacity

When one does big days of recording the track of audio of audacity can mix a bit. So sometimes it is preferable use a play of commandline to listen all the recorded and select the recording that more likes us. play –channels 1 –rate 48000 *.au This worked me perfectly with sounds of 48KHz recorded […]

First recording of voices

The past Sunday record the first voices for the 4232. In the photo sees to Ailen recording the voice for the woman of black.

Donations to record the voices

For the recordings of the voices needs an environment without external sounds. The room of recording is not something cheap. The same the microphone, auricular, filters, etc. At the same time the actors of voices go to do it to free by what need to do it feel comfortable during the recording. This is one […]

Recording studio of audio

To record the voices of the 4232 purchased a microphone of cardiode condensed (ATR2500-USB) that works very well in GNU/Linux. It takes it like a plate of sound USB. Afterwards it arm him a box of reduction of echos with some irons of audible insulator that taenia and a box of cardboard, this reduces the […]