If you wish help in development of the 4232 you can donate Bitcoins, paypal or Hardware. These donations can be with diverse rewards or participation in prizes of the short, paid in the case that the 4232 receive some material prize.

With a simple donation of $1, the price of a chocolate, already these helping to the 4232.
All the donations appreciate in web site and social networks.

Complete script

Buy the complete script (spanish)

Monthly subscription


Pins $5

Bitcoins PayPal

Four Postcards $20

Size: 15cm x 10cm

Bitcoins PayPal

Paint $350 (Uniq)

Acrylic on wood
Size: 69cm x 103cm

Bitcoins PayPal

Donate Bitcoin

BITCOIN: 19qkh5dNVxL58o5hh6hLsK64PwEtEXVHXs

Complete the form and sends Bitcoins or Litecoin that wish from your wallet

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All the donations are appreciated in website and social networks

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