Timecode (melt)

A way to visualise the time and frames of the animation melt 4232.mkv -attach dynamictext:#timecode# bgcolour=0x000000DD fgcolour=0xFFFFFFFF valign=bottom halign=center

Donations to record the voices

For the recordings of the voices needs an environment without external sounds. The room of recording is not something cheap. The same the microphone, auricular, filters, etc. At the same time the actors of voices go to do it to free by what need to do it feel comfortable during the recording. This is one […]

Joystick, wminput, OSC and MIDI I (music with joystick)

I am testing an interface to do the music/sound of the 4232 the idea is to use an alternative interface, the keyboard and the mouse or pad did not result me very practical. My idea is to use this like interface to control the modulation of the sounds with the accelerometer of a wiimote and the […]

4232 dibujos originales

Donate $50 (Reward: original Drawings)

These are some of the drawings that compose the scene 4. In the scene see some enormous buildings that are visited by high trains to big height. In the tip of several buildings this suspended an enormous state of fight where humans struggle by his lives. Bitcoins PayPal

Pixicast 2017-07-22

Adjusting the times of the ending takes of the animation and encouraging the crane of the take 1 of the final scene.

Thanks Laura for Anti-Pop

To record voices and that do not listen the “Pop!” The separates the lips or the involuntary breath of the speech, is necessary to put an anti-pop in front of the microphone. Laura Romero printed me one with his printer 3D thank you! Project to download Anti-Pop

Layout Scene 7 Take 3

This drawing shows to the cleaners of footprints of the desert afterwards that the 4232, the Scientist and NG has to go to schemes it.

crowdfunding for 4232

It does more than a year that am editing the 4232, using for this only my own savings and without budget goes back a so much difficult continue it. Already this almost in half of the production, lacking all the sound, or almost everything. Especially the recordings of voices and make the videos in high […]