Calculator time

Sometimes it is very difficult to calculate the long of the time in an animation. For this found a very good program for the terminal dateutils that has several tools between them dateutils.ddiff

Perspective with synfig

The flat moves of horizontal way, in a loop, that perspective thanks to the tool of warp in synfig.

Minning in support to the project 4232

This is a support for which only needs have a computer, install BFGminer and write this commando in the linea of commandos: bfgminer -T -o stratum+tcp:// -u LeFUtMaCRq1HYapFNPfCZoSiXn9A6KNDoK.1 -p x:DUFR1iYRKDeGJD8igeCjg1F8xdL8KNeQ4n with GPU and opencl bfgminer -T -o stratum+tcp:// -u LeFUtMaCRq1HYapFNPfCZoSiXn9A6KNDoK.1 -p x:DUFR1iYRKDeGJD8igeCjg1F8xdL8KNeQ4n -S opencl:auto with Erupter bfgminer -T -o stratum+tcp:// -u LeFUtMaCRq1HYapFNPfCZoSiXn9A6KNDoK.1 -p x:DUFR1iYRKDeGJD8igeCjg1F8xdL8KNeQ4n – […]

Animation with bones in vectors

Using the Layout, drawing of the scene, as basic tread the leg in vectors using inkscape Open the project of Synfig Studio generated with inkscape Order the layers and name the able no appointed. It add a layer of bones deformation Animated bones

Pixicast 2017-10-05

Making mainly the taking 2 scene 7 that it is a vector treaded of the layout in inkscape and encouraged in synfigstudio with deformation of bones.

Play sounds recorded with audacity

When one does big days of recording the track of audio of audacity can mix a bit. So sometimes it is preferable use a play of commandline to listen all the recorded and select the recording that more likes us. play –channels 1 –rate 48000 *.au This worked me perfectly with sounds of 48KHz recorded […]

DIY Animation Pegbar

So much for animation as for scan uses the Pegbar of animation, that serves us to keep the leaves all together, to be able to encourage and be able to them flip.

First recording of voices

The past Sunday record the first voices for the 4232. In the photo sees to Ailen recording the voice for the woman of black.

Subtitles in english

I want to give thank you very much to Max Power for translating the subheads of the 4232 to the groins, want that once finished the short was the most international possible and this helps a lot of.