Translate to suomea!

I want to give thank you very much to Violeta for translating the subtitle of the 4232 to Suomea

Quinema-render painted in synfig

I encourage circulos of colours where goes painted the drawing When generating the render with quinema-render Based in idea of revereche

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Realisation of a tutorial on a technician of animation applied in the short film. Storyboard / Layout Animation on paper Digital Cut in synfig Digitalisation and colorear of sequences or other … Bitcoins PayPal

Quinema Render

Many of the effects of noise, distortion, degrade of Synfig take a lot in generating, at the same time do not are used to to be very good for the pixels. So it arm a version of Quinema that generate render by layers and to these can him add effects to will mixing programs like […]

Translate to russian!

I want to give thank you very much to Stas Kholodilin, Konstantin Dmitriev of the Project Morevna for translating the subtitle of the 4232 to Russian, want that once finished the short was the most international possible and this helps a lot of being that Russian is one of the most spoken languages in the […]

Generating sounds with amsynth

Generates sounds with a synthesizer has some advantages for example, creates very particular sounds or makes small variations of it so that it does not always sound the same, changing the timbre, or the sea, the nature of the sound.

Amsynth: Synth sound

Now to do the breath of the explorer with his suit to walk by the desert. I am using: amsynth + vkeybd + aconnectgui

SoundFX with Petri-foo

A lot of sounds that need for the short the meeting in another tone or needs changes, a good method to edit them is “sampler”, or was, turn them into an instrument and touch with them. Petri-foo is a very good program to do this.

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A video tutorial with subtitles explaining a technician of animation used in the short and gratitude to the collaborator in the tutorial. Bitcoins PayPal