Grabación de voces

Grabar voces es complicado, hay que aislar la habitación del ruido ambiente y usar un buen […]

Tutorial: X-Sheet

When we make an animation frame by picture can create a x-sheet to say what hard […]

Tutorial: Paint cell

![quinema escalar]() Para la serie de dibujos uso [quinema-escalar] siendo que los 150 dpi no son […]

Tutorial: Background

We do not have to forget us to use layout like reference to design the bottom, […]

Tutorial: Animation

The animation has several steps and thousands of ways to do . I go to pose […]

Gmic colorizer Grey

For one of the bottoms that have painted manually with Chinese ink add him colour using […]

Tutorial: Animatic

If have all the layout or storyboard can do an animatic, digitalizar the drawings and put […]


El layout es en si la planificación de la animación, en el tiene que verse los […]